The farm was awarded winner of Ecotourism Hotel by the Gazeta Mercantil of Brazil in 2000, an honour only awarded to hotels that can claim to have nature as its heart. Over 100 different bird species were officially spotted on the farm and many can be seen and heard around. The garden is carefully tended to with a variety of flower, plant and tree species native to the region. Fruit trees, such mango, orange, acerola and papaya trees, from the original days of farming still remain today and can be picked during their ripe seasons. A family of 100 monkies live on the farm alongside the resident donkey, who look forward to being fed by arriving guests.

Nature is all around and expect to see and hear the animals and eat the farm-grown produce during your stay.

Fazenda Bela Vista | Fone (16) 3345 1108 | Fax (16) 3345 2070 | Dourado - SP