In 1991, Pedroca Luis De Aguiar made history by completing the world's longest ever recorded horse ride, travelling 19,000kms across Brazil from São Paulo, to Uruguay, the French-Guyana border and back down to São Paulo. This impressive trip lasted 2 years and 45 days and earned him a title in the Guiness World Record for Long Distance Riding. Then, in 2005, Pedroca was invited to become a Fellow of the esteemed Royal Geographic Society of England and the Long Riders Guild after completing another two long rides (one 1,500kms and one 3,000kms). However, for Pedroca, in his words, the real victory "is to be able to teach people to love horses and to love nature". Today, at the age of 80, Pedroca, still delights in riding horses with children aswell as adults, and he will personally take you on an unforgettable riding experience around the beautiful landscape of the São Paulo countryside.

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